An oldie but a goodie: Constant Action = Results – how it can apply to one's everyday life and how to stay inspired

New video on the well worn mantra: Constant Action = Results. I also cover in this video key tools to help you stay inspired!


Life Coach Tommy: Hey guys, Life Coach Tommy here, I just did my cardio workout and walking down Wilshire Boulevard, on this beautiful crisp sunny morning. Hope everyone had a great productive Monday, productive beginning of the week – and I am in front of the SABAN Oscar museum so I’m going to record this video really quick here because one of my aspirations is to be featured here.

Anyways, so I wanted to talk about this sort of cliche mantra of “Consistent Action = Results.” Basically, what this means for people is that – you know it follows in my own personal life – again most of these videos will talk about bodybuilding because that’s really my focus: bodybuilding, acting, obviously life coaching, but – Consistent Action = Results is – what I’ve seen in my own life – when it comes to acting just submitting to anything and everything I’m qualified for and the auditions do come because it’s consistent – I’m consistent with it. And with bodybuilding I get under the weights – I do it every week and I see results because I’m consistent with it.

Results rarely come from trying something a few days then stopping it – then trying it again – then stopping it – and trying it again and then stopping it. That doesn’t equal results. It also can be used in the sales world, in the executive setting that – you know if you’re coaching your team every single day and – you’re not trite in your coaching – you’re going to get results from your team. Same thing with sales. Your sales professionals – whenever they’re getting on the phone if they’re consistently nurturing their leads – they will get results.

Anyways just want to talk about that and the biggest thing of – you know the reason we’re not consistent is that we usually quit and it’s important to say inspired. And what I mean by that is just basically, there are many – thousands upon thousands of people, before you that have achieved what you want to achieve. Thousands! And it’s important to look at what they’ve done and how they’ve gotten to where they’ve gotten.

I look at Arnold Schwarzenegger, I look at Ron Coleman, I look at Jay Cutler, I look at Tom Hanks, I look at Tommy Lee Jones, I look at Tony Robbins – these are just a select few of the things I use to inspire me. But there are plenty of people that are in your profession that are accomplishing amazing things that you want to accomplish. Look at their lives, look at what they’ve done. Most of them weren’t that special – weren’t that unique. And if you look at most of their successes – it’s because they were consistent, it’s because they were committed – it’s because they followed the mantra – consistent action gave them results.

So, check that out. I’ll give you a homework assignment – most of my clients get homework assignments so here’s some free life coaching for you. Whatever your profession is – whether it’s acting, whether it’s bodybuilding, whether it’s – you’re an executive leader for a company, whether you’re a lender, whether you’re a realtor. Whatever function, whatever profession you’re in – or whatever profession you aspire to be – whatever level you aspire to be on. Wikipedia [or google] the people who have made it. Wikipedia [or google] the people who have gotten there. And see their lives – see what they did to accomplish their goals and you’d be surprised at what you’ll find. So that’s your homework assignment from life coach Tommy.

If you have any questions about this, as always, comment, send me a message, and, again, have a Happy Tuesday! Take care, bye.

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The top reason people give up on their goals and never reach the next level to achieve success

New video coming soon about the top reason people quit and aren’t able to level up to ultimately obtain their life goals, transcribed below. Stay tuned!


Life Coach Tommy: Hey guys, Life Coach Tommy here. This might be a little long, we’ll see. I want to go into detail about why people give up on their goals. It’s now January 24th, we’re now nearing the end of the first month of 2020, and at this point, a lot of New Year’s Resolutions people had – they fall apart.

I’m at the gym – I think I mentioned this on another blog but at the gym, about two weeks – well, right after January 1st, the gym was crowded it was very hard to get on certain machines I had to improvise my workouts. And after about two weeks, right around January 15th, that crowd fizzled out.

What I wanted to share is that the reason – what I’ve learned and what I’ve studied and what I’ve heard – some of this comes from our friend Grant Cardone – huge salesperson, real estate mogul – anyways, he’s done a lot. But it also comes from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The reason people give up on their goals is essentially: they underestimate the amount of work accomplishing that goal is going to take. And, through life coaching, I help people realize that, I help people understand that this is gonna take some patience – this is gonna take some micro-actions – this is gonna take some small steps every single day in order to see those macro-results.

Bodybuilding, for example, people see others at the gym, they see the big biceps, they see all this stuff – these impressive accomplishments other people have made and they don’t – they weren’t there seven years ago when that person wasn’t as built as he is today.

And, so, again, they underestimate the amount of patience, the amount of adversity, the cost that it’s gonna take to achieve those goals. A lot of that stuff comes from bodybuilding, but Arnold Schwarzenegger said that one of the ways – he had an interesting story about history – he said, “Imagine studying, imagine reading one hour of history every single day. And think about how much history you would learn in 365 hours.” – And it looks like I’ve got some sun coming in, so my lighting technique is not working today, so I’m gonna get really close.

So, to accomplish your goals it’s important to one, understand the amount of work that’s involved. Celebrate your successes. Again, I’ve mentioned this before, but you don’t go to the gym three to five days a week and eat healthy and NOT see some result it’s impossible. So when you see those results, when you lose two pounds, when your waist shrinks and your clothes are fitting just a little bit looser, celebrate those successes. And, again, have the patience. Accept that it’s gonna take a high level of patience to achieve these goals.

And, again, through life coach coaching, we go through this, we set the relation goals. I make sure that they have a very strong ‘Why’ and I make sure that my clients are accepting the fact that it’s gonna take some time. It’s gonna take some time to get this done. If my clients – after my first, after our client’s first session, my clients see really quickly how I work and, every single one of my clients, after the first session, they feel more centered, they feel more focused. I always see these ‘awakened moments’ where they didn’t realize how their self-loathing was affecting their daily activities. So, we focus a lot on making sure yourself love and focusing on self-love and self-care so that they can achieve their life goals.

And, what I explain to them up front, ‘look, your goals are not gonna happen in a month. You’re gonna achieve some level of success and we record those and we celebrate those and we make milestones and action items to celebrate those and acknowledge those, but the ultimate accomplishment of your goals is gonna take at least ninety days. And that goes with anything. That goes with sales, that goes with real estate, that goes with any sort of business you’re in. That takes, and, obviously, bodybuilding and weight loss and fitness. It takes ninety days, for not only for your brain to adapt to new activity and new action, but it also takes your body ninety days to adapt and accept that this is the new way of living.

It’s why, again, if you start taking a daily vitamin today – you’re not gonna feel or see any effects of that daily vitamin until ninety days into it.

So, anyways, I always ask my clients to commit with me, let’s do this for 90 days so I can show you how powerful this stuff is. So, anyways, it was only five and a half minutes, but I hope you’re having, I hope you have a productive Friday and you have planned a relaxing or productive weekend, depending on what you have going on and, sorry about the lighting, the sun came out. Usually, it’s been cloudy for probably the past month and a half. Anyways, Happy Friday everyone!

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How to love yourself and join the 2020 trend of Self-Care #selfcare

New video on self-care and self-love transcribed below.


Life Coach Tommy: Hey guys, Life Coach Tommy here. This will be a really quick video, but I wanted to give a quick update for those keeping track of my three and a half week set back. I’ve been in the gym now, I’m on week 4, and my strength is returning. I just finished doing chest, had some really good pumps. And had really good – getting back to the weight I’m used to lifting.

It also helped that I went to the Strongman Arnold Competition in Santa Monica this weekend, I actually got to see Arnold Schwarzenegger live which was actually pretty cool. And then there was a lot of strongmen, lifting heavy weights – there were five events.

Really inspirational, that’s another thing I always recommend just to do things – go to things that keep you inspired. This blog is more about self-care and self-love. I am really pleased with a trend that’s occurring for the year 2020 and that’s, #selfcare. Really really happy about that just as a life coach on my personal journey as a life coach to help people identify their needs first. Because identifying your needs first is going to help you help other people.

Here is the exercise for today I want to show you how to love yourself. There’s so much vitriol, so much negative energy in the world showing you how inferior you are if you pay attention to that. It’s very easy to see that. Right now I’m in a parking lot, about to go to my next life coaching session and I’m staring at a billboard of Ryan Reynolds in one of his movies. Now, I can easily compare myself to that. I’m an actor outside of life coaching – and I can say, ‘oh man, Ryan Reynolds, he’s so successful compared to what I’ve done.’ But, that doesn’t help me at all if I compare myself to Ryan Reynolds.

So, I have two exercises, one – are you a better person today than you were yesterday? I can only compare myself to who I was yesterday. I do not compare myself to anyone else in this world because we’re all on our own separate journeys. At this point in my life, I have not had the opportunities that Ryan Reynolds has had. I have not had the genetic structure that he is – to talk about superficial things. But, literally, I have not worked as hard as he has over the years to be in a position where I should be on any level envious of his success.

So, the other thing is, it’s really easy to focus on our weaknesses over our strengths. So, what I would like – here’s the exercise I would like you to do – think about your strengths – and ONLY your strengths and how you can make those things stronger and more prevalent in your life.

So today I want you to choose three of your strengths. Everyone’s got strengths, no matter how poorly you think of yourself you have strengths – things that you’re proud of. So think of three strengths – put them in the comment section if you want or write them down – get them out of our head.

Then identify ways in which you can use those three strengths as tools to better your life.

Anyways, I hope that’s helpful. If you like this, ‘like’ it share it with other people. And if you’re interested in Life Coaching reach out to me let’s talk, let’s see if it’s a good fit for you. Alright, have a good productive Monday and I hope you have an exciting positive week. Take care.

Ask “On what level will this work out for me?” Instead of “Will this work out for me?” New video


Life Coach Tommy: Hey guys, Life Coach Tommy here, hope you’re having a productive Friday and you had a productive week and are gearing up for a relaxing weekend or a productive weekend depending on what you’re doing this weekend.

I wanted to send a quick shout out to something very specific. And it has to do with my life coaching clients when – sometimes they establish a goal and they start achieving that goal and self-doubt starts coming in – negativity starts seeping in to their daily life. It could be external it could be from friends, family, or it could be internal. Side Note: internal negativity is the hardest to overcome and I focus a lot on coaching people through overcoming internal negativity.

But, the result of these negative forces, a question pops into their mind – it’s will this work out for me. And when we’re brought forth this question – am I really doing this – is this really worth it, will this work out for me? I’m able to help my clients and I encourage people to think this way instead of that way, and what I ask is that, instead of asking, “Will this work out for me?” Wouldn’t it be better to ask, “On what level will this work out for me?”

And, when I introduce this question into their life they start thinking about, instead of a black and white scenario where this either won’t work out for me or it will work out for me, that how much work do I need to put into this in order for it to work out for me.

So, I’m able to help my clients through life coaching to think that way instead of the other way. And, I give the example of fitness, and diet, and losing weight, and bodybuilding and what not. It’s literally the easiest comparison to give because the science of losing weight is super easy because – anyways I’m not going to go into that – but the science is easy – I’ve written several blogs on how to lose weight.

But, the thing about losing weight is that IF you go to the gym, IF you exercise, and IF you eat healthy, it is virtually impossible for that not to result in some sort of benefit.

Again – let’s say we have levels A, B, and C. If you are investing – let’s say C is the lowest, A is the highest – if you are investing C level of work into your diet and exercise, you’re still going to see results. You’re still going to feel better, you’re still gonna burn fat, you’re still gonna lose a little bit of weight, but not as much as if you did an A level of work where you’re going in and you’re doing hardcore you’re working out five days a week – like I do – THAT level of result, that level is much different than the C level.

And so, again, instead of asking yourself, will this work out for me, I encourage my clients to ask themselves, instead, “On what level will this work out for me?” Because, once again, it re-aligns their focus into how much work are they willing to put in to make this work.

Anyways, I hope you have a very productive Friday, and the biggest thing about the weekend is that it allows you to disconnect sometimes from the daily rituals of the week – so I do encourage you to take some time and meditate. And meditation is literally – doesn’t have to be anything surreal or metaphysical – but it’s literally just taking at least five minutes to breathe and focus on your breathe so that your brain, all the noise that happens, can quiet a little bit and you can seek a little bit of clarity, so here’s hoping you get a little bit of clarity over the weekend through five minutes of meditation – that’s a challenge for you. Have a wonderful weekend!

Changing your thoughts before changing behavior is better than vice versa – a video transcript

New video on changing your thinking before changing your behavior and the foundation I use in life coaching with WANTING something versus WILLING it into action.


Life Coach Tommy: Hey guys, Life Coach Tommy here, hope you had a great weekend, hope you’re ready for a productive week! Really quick, I want to talk about two things: I want to talk about the idea of wanting something and the idea of willing it into action.

I just did chest this morning – just got done with the gym – for those keep tracking I was really sick in December and I received a huge setback but I’m getting my strength back and I’m getting back to the numbers I’m used to – I think probably by the end of next week, I’ll be there again.

So, there’s this idea of wanting something versus willing it into action. What I mean by that is, whatever you want in life, if you want to earn $10,000,000 – for example – let’s reach for the stars – if you want $10,000,000 or if you want to earn $10,000,000 – if you want to be in a financial position for $10,000,000, and you say, “I want $10,000,000.” What you’ve done is that you’ve literally just created a want. It’s all you’ve done. Like, “I WANT $10,000,000!” And if we go metaphysical, you’re telling the Universe “I want $10,000,000.” And the Universe responds saying, okay, great, I acknowledge, you want $10,000,000, and, typically, nothing will happen.

But, when you change your mentality to: “I will earn $10,000,000.” Something changes in your mind and the Universe takes note – like, this guy’s willing something into action and you actually take things, you actually start thinking, well, how is that possible, what can I do – you make a commitment to yourself.

Now, $10,000,000 for anyone, in this world in today’s age, in this country, the United States, is attainable. But, for something a bit more short-term and I use the word ‘realistic’ (i.e. in the next month or so) we look at fitness. If you want to lose 10lbs in 2 months, that’s great. But if you say that you will lose 10lbs in 2 months and you commit to the action necessary to make that happen, it’s more than likely to happen because it’s a positive psychological technique to WILL something into action than to want it.

This is something I focus on especially when it comes to business coaching and taking my client’s business to the next level. So, anything you want today – anything you plan on achieving this week, any goals that you have, any needs you have, any wants you have for this week. See what happens to your mentality when you say that “I WILL do this.”

If you WANT to reach a goal. If you WANT to hit some specific numbers. If you WANT to start an action plan for losing weight – see what happens when you say that you WILL do it, see what happens to your mentality.

The second thing I wanted to talk about, and this is going to be super quick, the idea of changing behavior or changing thoughts. There is a long thought process that as long as you pursue the action, then your mentality will change.

Unfortunately, that’s actually inaccurate because, if you change your behavior and your mind is still not changed, that behavior that you’re trying to change, that patterned behavior, is highly likely not going to be consistent – it’s not going to – you’re not going to stick to that action.

But, if you can change your thoughts first – and this is parallel to what I talked about before with the want vs will, if you change your thoughts and you really commit and you change your mentality and you believe in yourself and you believe you can achieve things – good things, great things – THEN you’re behavior will change.

So, look at your thoughts first, change the way you think and that will change your behavior. Trying to change your behavior is good, but those who think that just doing the actions and doing the stuff is going to change your mentality – unfortunately it doesn’t necessarily work out that way – because, again, while it can last, you’re going to still have those thoughts in your head, those negative thoughts, that negative mentality and the behavior you’ve worked so hard to change – it’s not going to change.

Anyways, if there’s a subject you want me talk about in these videos, if there’s something you have a question about, let me know. Send me a message, send me a comment, and I’ll recognize you by name – if you want, if you don’t, let me know. But I’ll recognize you and I’ll respond to your comment via this video I’m posting. So, anyways, I hope you have a terrific productive Monday and a productive week.

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A quick article written by Living Social on my journey in how I became a Life Coach

Life Coach Tommy has a perceptive insight into human psychology that is uncanny, offering simple, grounded solutions to deeply complex problems. He brings both knowledge and wisdom to his coaching sessions, willing to share his own successes and failures which allow anyone to relate.

16 years ago, after experiencing an unstable childhood, Life Coach Tommy put himself on a journey to discover what it was that we were missing in our daily life that we could use to improve the Human Condition. He found that gaining self-empowerment and setting positive goals was a start.

The positive feedback and knowing that he’s helping individuals, some of whom have lived their entire life with a negative mind-set, bring positive permanent growth to their life is the one thing Life Coach Tommy loves about his job.

The best reaction Life Coach Tommy has ever gotten from a client was when an entrepreneur, after an entire weekend full of team building and leadership exercises for her staff, said that, without his empowering guidance, the weekend wouldnt have turned out as positive as it did.

Life Coach Tommy is a Certified Life Coach based out of Sherman Oaks, CA and serves Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. You can contact him for a free consultation by clicking HERE

Do I need to see a life coach near me or can I have a life coach from anywhere?

When I’m contacted to be someone’s life coach, they are often extremely close to where I reside, in Sherman Oaks, CA.

While it is extremely convenient for face to face interaction, there are some clients that also contact me from the East Coast as well as the Pacific Northwest. As it isn’t financially feasible all the time for either of us to travel to each other on a weekly basis, we are able to do some great work with modern technology, i.e. FaceTime or Skype.

Gone are the days where life coaching is done just over the phone. With FaceTime and/or Skype I am able to offer the same valuable encouragement and goal-setting practices that are experienced through face to face interaction.

So, no matter where you are, whether you’re here in Los Angeles, in my Valley neighborhood, or on the other side of the country, I’m more than excited to help you fulfill your goals and live a satisfying life.

Also, another important question is how to find a life coach and not just, in general, but, how to find a life coach that’s the best fit for you. The basic foundation of finding a life coach that’s right for you is, overall, that gut instinct – how do they make you feel. Do you feel inspired? Motivated? Heard? These are important factors to consider when you find a life coach and connect. Obviously you can easily find a life coach near you by doing a quick google or Yelp search. But get them on the phone, chat with them, and feel them out.

This is why I never take a life coach client unless we’ve a had a FREE 20 minute session that not only allows me to discern your level of commitment to achieving your goals, but also so that you can discern MY level of commitment to guiding you in achieving your goals. We are both, essentially, feeling each other out! I cannot take a client unless I am convinced they are 100% committed to applying the tools and resources I will provide through life coaching.