Communication IS key – especially when it comes to communicating with yourself

The very first thing I look into when starting a relationship with a life coaching client is their communication skills. I assess where they are in their life when it comes to two extremely important avenues of communication: the way they communicate with the people around them, and, more importantly (and probably most importantly), the way they communicate with themselves.

The second part, that self-care, self-love part of communicating with one’s self, is where we dig deep, for if we aren’t starting off with positive communication with self, it is going to be extremely difficult to get anywhere.

It is so important to develop a positive relationship with self. If you aren’t developing a positive relationship with yourself, it is virtually impossible to have a positive relationship with anyone else in your life.

This includes your romantic partner, friends, co-workers, your boss, your family, even the relationship you have with your cat or your dog – I repeat, if you do not have a positive relationship with yourself, it is VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE to have a positive relationship with anyone else in your life.

There is hope, however, through coaching, once you’ve learned to love yourself, you can genuinely express and communicate positively with others and you’ll be surprised by how much easier it will be to fulfill your goals. Relationship coaching, on any level, is one of my specialties. It helps with business coaching, fitness coaching, team coaching – overall, it moves my clients’ lives forward to achieve success and their ultimate life goals. It is the core to every goal held by each human being (ESPECIALLY in business!)

Use this day to motivate and push yourself into positive self-care and self-love. If you’ve damaged the relationship with self, take time, be patient, but start today by looking at yourself in the mirror and appreciating the positive strengths you do have. Make this new year about taking care of yourself. Make this new year about self-care.

Life Coach Tommy is a Certified Life Coach based out of Sherman Oaks, CA and serves Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. You can get back to the home page by clicking HERE