A quick note on relationship coaching

As a life coach, I have had clients who spend a considerable amount of time talking about their husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/partner/question mark and trying to understand the decisions their significant other is making that could be hurting the relationship.

My role in this scenario, is to help you understand how to manage your expectations and be a stronger communicator with yourself (which will in turn help you communicate better with your partner). When we work on your relationship, our main focus is on you and how you are communicating and communication tricks you can use that will allow your partner to communicate in return and help you understand the decisions they are making.

Essentially, I will give you the tools so that you can figure it out on your own. Without having your partner present in your session, I couldn’t (nor should I) even try to explain your partner’s actions. Through relationship coaching, though, we can figure out what needs to be added to get you there. It’s the same method I use in non-relationship coaching, when helping my clients figure out how to deal with any external force affecting their lives which seems beyond their control. The secret here is that the answer is inside your heart 🙂 and I can help you find it.