A harsh truth about fad diets, specifically, is Keto good for you?

If you’ve read my blogs before, or watched any of my videos, it’d come to you as no surprise that I consistently deliver the message “don’t go on a diet.” In order to change your lifestyle and eating habits, you need to first establish a very powerful ‘Why?’ and then commit to that ‘Why’ wholeheartedly.

There is a recent fad diet that has become popular (and extremely effective in delivering amazing short term results) called Keto. Essentially, putting your body in a state of Ketosis by eliminating one very important macro-nutrient, carbohydrates…please read this extremely in depth and tongue-in-cheek article on the consequences and pitfalls of not only the Keto diet, but fad dieting in general. I hope it helps spread the message that changing your diet and lifestyle is much more effective long-term than ‘going on a diet’.



My 90 Day Commitment

My personal goal as a life coach is to only have you as my client for 90 days. When I take on new clients, most of them are in a state of ‘program’. Their minds have been programmed to think a certain way for so long that this thought process can be seen as the continuing symptom causing unhappiness or dissatisfaction.

My goal is to re-align that program. The program can be seen as simply poor habits, or choices that are in your every day life that aren’t moving your life forward. For the average human, it takes 90 days to change a long lasting habit and that’s where I step in as your coach.

In that 90 days, I will give you tools and resources that will help you improve your every day life so that you are living the best version of yourself every single day. For some, it only takes 30 days, for others, it may take a little longer than 90 days. Either situation is okay and, through our relationship, we will discover which path you are on.

But, my 90 day commitment to you is also a selfish one. The sole reason I chose to pursue Life Coaching as a career was to help AS MANY people as I possibly can. If I take on several clients for several years, I can’t realistically achieve that goal.

Also, if I’m still your Life Coach after two years, I haven’t done a very good job 🙂

So let’s get started and begin this 90 day journey to help change your habits and reprogram your mind into creating the best version of you!