WRITE THEM DOWN! Keep yourself accountable. Keep them visible, post them everywhere. How do you stick to your goals? Focus on why it’s important to achieve that goal. Make sure your ‘WHY’ is the most powerful why you can possibly think of. Why do you want to lose weight? To impress some girl? Then what? Do you think it’s better to lose weight so that you can feel great 100% of the time? And not just at the beginning of the year?

Focus on WHAT your goals are.

Then focus on HOW you’ll obtain them.

And, finally, WHY. And dig deep for your WHY. Without a strong and foundation setting WHY, sticking to your goals is impossible. Sit down with yourself and just write out every single thing you can think of as to Why this goal is so important to you. Think about what would happen if you didn’t fulfill this goal. Through this Stream of Consciousness process my clients have been able to lock in on one deep and powerful Why that has helped them not only start the work in achieving a goal but actually fulfilling it – making it happen!

By the way, according to Inc.com people who write down their goals are and find their why are 42% more likely to achieve their goals.

Also, please read this article by Psychology Today where they cover how important it is to write down your goals while maintaining vision on the big picture: Four Ways to Become Intentional About your Goals Today

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