Losing Weight Part 2 – the false motivators and how they keep you from keeping the weight off

Losing Weight, as mentioned previously, is one of the most common reasons someone would hire a life coach. It’s one of the many reasons people decide to hire me. The reason, however, why my clients want to lose weight, usually digs deeper into more profound limiting beliefs I enjoy uncovering.

Sometimes, I’m able to help them uncover false motivators. Some of these false motivators surround trying to impress someone. This is a huge false motivator and can be a limiting belief that will prevent you from keeping the weight off. This is because, usually, there are only three results:

A) The subject is impressed, but their response is underwhelming (or just not what my client expected or wanted).

B) The subject is impressed, the receiver receives all that they were hoping for, but, like an addict’s high, the feeling dissipates over time.

C) The subject is unimpressed.

All three of these events lead my clients back to their normal eating habits…and away from their goals.

The take away here is to find a reason YOU want to impress YOURself. I spend a considerable amount of time helping my clients learn self-love and self-care behavior. Most of my clients learn very quickly that my approach is guided toward helping them live daily through these two extremely important values. They learn, through coaching, that once self-care is achieved and they begin loving themselves, their goals are much more forward focused, self-focused, and sustainable.

Helping my clients learn how to do things for themselves has helped show them the power they have in achieving their goals.

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