My recent interview with Business Talk Radio on the role of a life coach and what happens in a life coaching session.

Recently, I was interviewed by Business Talk Radio about my role as a life coach and what my clients can expect during a life coaching session. A link to the audio is at the bottom of this article, here is the transcript, enjoy!


Business Talk Radio, Christopher Roberts: Welcome back to the show, I’m your host Christopher Roberts. Joining me now, he is from Los Angeles, CA, he is a Certified Life Coach, ladies and gentlemen let’s welcome Tommy Lee Kirby to the program. Tommy, welcome, how are you today?

Life Coach Tommy: I’m doing great, Christopher, how are you?

Christopher: I’m doing really well, so – welcome to the show. Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to join us, we appreciate it. And – why don’t you tell us a little about – who you are and what you do.

Life Coach Tommy: Yeah, well, I’m a Certified Life Coach out here in Los Angeles and I help my clients with a lot of things. Mostly weight loss, weight management, executive coaching, team coaching, and overall well-being, goals fulfillment, goal-setting and that sort of thing.

Christopher: Alright now what really got you started on this thing, what sent you down this road?

Life Coach Tommy: That’s a great question. I’ve always been that guy in social circles that everyone goes to for advice. I’ve been that way since high school. And people, they follow my advice and their life is better because of it. So about – six years ago, I decided to give people advice and help them out professionally and get paid for it and so, I actually started hitting it off, got a couple of clients and then said, ‘hey, I’m really talented at this life coaching thing’ and decided to pursue it full time.

Christopher: Alrighty now what really got you started in what you’re doing?

Life Coach Tommy: What got me started? Yeah, basically, just a lot of inspiration, you know Tony Robbins, motivational speaker, I thought that I could do what he was doing, and just really inspired to help as many people as I possibly can.

Christopher: Alrighty now when someone does reach out to you for the first time what do you think is the most dominant thing that they’re looking for?

Life Coach Tommy: That is an excellent question. Percentage wise, a lot of people want to lose weight. But what we find is that it’s not really about losing weight, it’s about why we’re eating so much and so what it turns into is people are actually looking for guidance in their own personal lives and their emotional well-being. That goes for people from all walks of life. That goes for executives all the way down to people who cut hair. But it’s pretty much all over the spectrum. And, overall it’s just emotional well-being. Making sure that they’re living their best life and what they want. But it’s funny because 90% of my clients come to me wanting to lose weight.

Christopher: Alrighty, now, why do you think they choose you over someone else. What sets you apart?

Life Coach Tommy: The biggest thing is that I listen. That’s been the biggest compliment that I’ve gotten – the consistent compliment that I’ve gotten is that I’m an active listener. People know that I’m taking really powerful notes and then I bounce them back and you know the things that happen in a session is that I will let them know what I’m sensing and, 99% of the time I have it right. And so they get that clarification – that validation that I listen and can provide tools that will help their issues based on what I’ve heard, based on what I’ve sensed.

Christopher: Alright, now I know for a fact that to be a life coach you don’t need to be certified and now you are. What’s the benefit of being certified over not being.

Life Coach Tommy: That is a great question. I wasn’t certified all the time. I just recently – I’ve been certified for about three years now and the thing that’s different about it is literally just education. You don’t necessarily need it, but it helps because – where it helps me is – asking more questions. More powerful questions to get out of my clients what they need to help themselves. So, again, it’s about being educated in finding out really where your clients are coming from. But again, you don’t need that to be a life coach.

Christopher: Alrighty, now how long do these sessions usually run for?

Life Coach Tommy: So I do 50 minute sessions – it’s overall an hour commitment. 50 minutes is how long the session lasts and there’s like 10 minutes for like a debriefing and business and related type of stuff. But, overall, an hour.

Christopher: So – we got an extra minute or so, walk me through one of your sessions. What’s that like? What’s – somebody getting themselves into when they reach out to you?

Life Coach Tommy: Yeah, that’s a great question. So – we do a twenty minute initial session first and foremost just to make sure that Life Coaching, one, that life coaching is a good fit for them, and two, I’m the Life Coach for them. So, in that twenty minute session, I will ask a series of questions to see where they’re at in their life, what they’ve done prior to this – before talking to me, and, ultimately, what do they want to get out of life coaching. After that twenty minute session, we will then both agree whether or not – or come to an agreement whether or not life coaching is for them and if I’m the life coach for them.

Christopher: Alrighty and where do you think you see yourself moving forward? What’s on tap for you?

Life Coach Tommy: That’s a great question. Well, the biggest thing obviously, the biggest thing is more clients, but ultimately, long term is that – I want to help as many people as I possibly can and I would be doing that by talking to multiple people at a time – case in point – this broadcast, but motivational speaking is the ultimate goal. Being able to motivate and inspire thousands of people at a time. That’s the ultimate goal.

Christopher: Alrighty, well how can people reach out and contact you to find out more information.

Life Coach Tommy: Yeah, they can go to my website: they can look at what I’m all about and if I’m a good fit for them, there’s a contact form on there and they can also email me at [email protected]

Christopher: Alrighty, well it’s been a pleasure having you on the show today. Thank you so much.

Life Coach Tommy: Yeah, thank you, Christopher.

Christopher: You are so welcome and for everyone else out there, do stick around, we will be right back.


Here’s the AUDIO

As mentioned, feel free to reach out to me if you see life coaching as a good fit for you and want to hire a life coach. I can also be reached directly at (323) 736-1978

Look forward to connecting!



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