The power of language (or how are you talking to yourself?)

One of my first approaches as a Life Coach is to help people identify how they’re talking to themselves. The first core change I help guide my clients through is an entire focus on self care and the relationship they have with themselves. My life coach clients will hear me say it multiple times and it will most likely be repeated all over my blogs: if you don’t have a positive relationship with yourself, it will be extremely difficult to have a positive relationship with anyone else in your life. Self love, self love, self love….it’s all about loving yourself!

So, the first step we go through in life coaching is “relationship with self”. We identify how we are communicating with ourself by looking at the language being used.

Here’s an example of a negative limitation sentence:

“Things like this always happen to ME.”

This sentence is an absolute sentence that creates an image of the person internalizing it as a victim. Anytime my clients use absolutism to describe their uncomfortable situations, I typically raise a red flag and ask them if it’s true that things like this ALWAYS happen to just THEM. “Always” and “Me” are the key factors that make this a limitation sentence.

I help my clients guide themselves through seeing each situation, each occurrence as an isolated event. We can’t control the things that happen to us, but we CAN control how we react to them. If you react with positive opportunistic internal sentences, you’ll find yourself having a positive empowering attitude more often!

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