Why people give up on everything so easily and never reach the next level to achieve success

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Life Coach Tommy: Hey guys, Life Coach Tommy here. This might be a little long, we’ll see. I want to go into detail about why people give up on their goals so easily and so quickly. It’s now January 24th, we’re now nearing the end of the first month of 2020, and at this point, a lot of New Year’s Resolutions people had – they fall apart.

I’m at the gym – I think I mentioned this on another blog but at the gym, about two weeks – well, right after January 1st, the gym was crowded it was very hard to get on certain machines I had to improvise my workouts. And after about two weeks, right around January 15th, that crowd fizzled out.

What I wanted to share is that the reason – what I’ve learned and what I’ve studied and what I’ve heard – some of this comes from our friend Grant Cardone – huge salesperson, real estate mogul – anyways, he’s done a lot. But it also comes from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The reason people give up on their goals is essentially: they underestimate the amount of work accomplishing that goal is going to take. And, through life coaching, I help people realize that, I help people understand that this is gonna take some patience – this is gonna take some micro-actions – this is gonna take some small steps every single day in order to see those macro-results.

Bodybuilding, for example, people see others at the gym, they see the big biceps, they see all this stuff – these impressive accomplishments other people have made and they don’t – they weren’t there seven years ago when that person wasn’t as built as he is today.

And, so, again, they underestimate the amount of patience, the amount of adversity, the cost that it’s gonna take to achieve those goals. A lot of that stuff comes from bodybuilding, but Arnold Schwarzenegger said that one of the ways – he had an interesting story about history – he said, “Imagine studying, imagine reading one hour of history every single day. And think about how much history you would learn in 365 hours.” – And it looks like I’ve got some sun coming in, so my lighting technique is not working today, so I’m gonna get really close.

So, to accomplish your goals it’s important to one, understand the amount of work that’s involved. Celebrate your successes. Again, I’ve mentioned this before, but you don’t go to the gym three to five days a week and eat healthy and NOT see some result it’s impossible. So when you see those results, when you lose two pounds, when your waist shrinks and your clothes are fitting just a little bit looser, celebrate those successes. And, again, have the patience. Accept that it’s gonna take a high level of patience to achieve these goals.

And, again, through life coach coaching, we go through this, we set the relation goals. I make sure that they have a very strong ‘Why’ and I make sure that my clients are accepting the fact that it’s gonna take some time. It’s gonna take some time to get this done. If my clients – after my first, after our client’s first session, my clients see really quickly how I work and, every single one of my clients, after the first session, they feel more centered, they feel more focused. I always see these ‘awakened moments’ where they didn’t realize how their self-loathing was affecting their daily activities. So, we focus a lot on making sure yourself love and focusing on self-love and self-care so that they can achieve their life goals.

And, what I explain to them up front, ‘look, your goals are not gonna happen in a month. You’re gonna achieve some level of success and we record those and we celebrate those and we make milestones and action items to celebrate those and acknowledge those, but the ultimate accomplishment of your goals is gonna take at least ninety days. And that goes with anything. That goes with sales, that goes with real estate, that goes with any sort of business you’re in. That takes, and, obviously, bodybuilding and weight loss and fitness. It takes ninety days, for not only for your brain to adapt to new activity and new action, but it also takes your body ninety days to adapt and accept that this is the new way of living.

It’s why, again, if you start taking a daily vitamin today – you’re not gonna feel or see any effects of that daily vitamin until ninety days into it.

So, anyways, I always ask my clients to commit with me, let’s do this for 90 days so I can show you how powerful this stuff is. So, anyways, it was only five and a half minutes, but I hope you’re having, I hope you have a productive Friday and you have planned a relaxing or productive weekend, depending on what you have going on and, sorry about the lighting, the sun came out. Usually, it’s been cloudy for probably the past month and a half. Anyways, Happy Friday everyone!

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