Want vs Will – the creation of desire matched against a motivational force

When I first speak with my life coaching clients, our focus is aligned toward what they want out of life, and what they think they need to change in order to make their lives more fulfilling. Essentially, what is their ONE goal. The motivating factor that helped encourage them to hire a life coach. This is followed by action steps, milestones, and accountability to make sure their goals are realistic, achievable, and any obstacles are identified with a sub action plan created to overcome those obstacles. Then we establish a way forward.

But each time my clients say they ‘WANT’ something or they ‘WANT’ to be something, I ask if they’re committed enough to that idea to shift their focus and say that they WILL have it or they WILL be it.

Whenever you say ‘I WANT to be a millionaire.’ All the Universe does for you in response is take note and creates it for you. The WANT is created and nothing else. No mechanical force is directly working for you in order to help you actually turn that goal into a tangible reality.

But when you say you WILL be a millionaire, the universe takes note of that as well. Suddenly, your inner psychology takes control and starts constructing paths on how to get there. Gears start spinning and motivational forces start growing.

Go ahead, give it a try, anything you WANT to achieve, say it out loud, but instead of saying WANT, have the audacity to say that it WILL happen in your life and see what happens internally.

Once my clients are committed to what they WILL become or have, we are then able to focus on the next step and lay out a path of HOW.

Don’t be a ‘wannabe’. Commit, make a decision, and say what you WILL become, what you WILL have, and what you WILL do and the Universe will take note and actually help you out.

Life Coach Tommy is a Certified Life Coach based out of Sherman Oaks, CA and serves Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. You can get back to the home page by clicking HEREĀ 

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