These are challenging times, my friend. My heart and mind go out to all those struggling with the Coronavirus and to the thousands of health care heroes and first responders who are right now working to take our world back from this awful virus.

We will get through this. We will beat this. Please take every precaution as outlined be the CDC, local, and federal governments, and the World Health Organization. If we work together and follow the advice of experts, this will soon be over.

Please do everything in your power to remain productive and stick to your routine from the safety of your home.

I strongly encourage you to read this article by the Washington Post about the importance of maintaining your routine (as best you can) and remaining resilient and focused.

I have received an influx of inquiries asking me if I’m still coaching through this unprecedented time and my answer is most certainly, Yes. Mental health and well-being is needed now more than ever before. I am available for remote sessions, please contact me to schedule an initial session to see if life coaching is the right fit for you.

I am here. I am ready to help.

More about me:

Whether you realize it or not, RIGHT NOW is a significant time in YOUR history.

I’m the life coach that can actually help you take control.

Right now is NOT the time to hunker down or ride out the storm. What this time is REALLY about is TAKING CONTROL. Let’s work together on building a powerful comeback story for you!

Are you ready to truly take control and know your full potential?

  • Are doubts and negative beliefs holding you back?
  • Do you struggle with self-sabotage and insecurity?
  • Are you ready to elevate your life and reprogram your mindset?

If you answered YES please take a moment to realize that actual help is now available through life coaching.

If you’re ready to achieve success and need the help of a coach to lift you through it, then it’s time to ask for help and support.

I’m serious about helping you achieve your life goals. Please read some of my testimonials to learn how valuable I’ll be as your coach: TESTIMONIALS

Contact me for a free consultation to see if life coaching is the right path for you.

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Life Coach Tommy is very knowledgeable on how to uncover the brilliance within anyone. He helps you get to the core of the issues and drag them out to be a positive spin on anything holding you back that is negative. He really does cheer you up! When doing phone consultations with Tommy he listens and does not forget. When he says he is taking notes, he DOES take notes. Unlike some other professionals out there that say they are taking notes and don’t and forget about you the next session and what you were focusing on. Tommy is great and I highly recommend him to anyone that needs that extra push or help in digging deep to find your true healthy, positive self.


To one amazing man I know you are not only my mentor but an amazing coach Tommy Lee. Thank you for this amazing journey, this 3 past months have been a transformation in my life and everything around has also bloom in a positive and peace life. I’m living with everything you have taught me. For many years I live in fear and unworthiness, but with your teaching and the way you care for your customers is extraordinary. I’m blessed to have taken your courses because in the moment you were in my life, my life was taking a different path that I truly believe I wouldn’t be the CEO of my own company if I didn’t have the empowerments you taught me and the new perspectives in my new life. Thank you so much for being a part of my transformation and teaching me how to live my life with harmony.


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