Hi there, my name is Tommy Lee Kirby.4C4877D1-9AB5-41B7-8BC5-191DC82FAA7F

My clients call me “Life Coach Tommy” because I help transform their lives in a very short time through life coaching. I’ve been told that I’m like the coach they had in high school or college, pushing them, motivating them, and keeping them accountable to what they want to achieve!

I’ve worked with people from all walks of life for almost two decades.

I’ve coached professionals in business in all of the following categories:

  • Realtors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • CEOs
  • Directors
  • Health Practitioners
  • Educators
  • Professionals
  • Managers
  • Entertainers
  • Lawyers

If that’s you, we should talk.

My gift is to really listen to what you’re going through and what you’re struggling with.

I search the inner workings of your life – your mind, your heart, your soul, and your sense of spirit – and I help you create a solution that’s eminently practical and useful in your life right now. Each life coaching session is curated specifically to your needs – we do the work together.

I’ve done this for hundreds of people just like you – and I’m confident I can teach you how to reach continuous new levels of success in your lifelong personal development.

I offer a one-hour life coaching session per week and I encourage all of my clients to commit to the tools I’m offering for at least 90 days.

Together, we’ll meticulously craft a well-thought out plan you’ll be able to implement comfortably and with total confidence in your daily life.

If you take my guidance, you’ll see results right away.

But first, you must believe in yourself and your ability to change when you have the right coach.

And to help you find out at no risk, I’m offering a free 20 minute power session. Here’s how it works…

Simply Click Here to schedule your first call. If, after the call, you don’t feel like we’re a good fit, we each only wasted 20 minutes of our time 🙂 But I promise you, in this 20 minutes you will immediately learn real world solutions to overcome limiting beliefs you may not even know you had.

Now… imagine how much value I can pack into 20 minutes if the result equals useful tools you’ll be able to immediately implement in your life!

So I insist on investing at least 20 minutes of free time in our relationship to show you what I’m capable of.

But please Hurry! Two things happen the longer you wait. One, I can only take 3 more clients this month. You could miss out on having me as your life coach. Two, you are here now, let’s get this started now; it is psychologically proven that the longer you wait on starting something new, the less likely it will happen. Avoid letting this happen to you!

Because I’m probably safe in assuming…

You Want HELP NOW!

If so, book today – and let’s get to know each other so I can help you transform your life!

Book a call with me and find out!

And please don’t leave this site without visiting the Frequently Asked Questions section. This can help you learn what a life coach is and why you should hire a life coach. If your question is not answered, or you are still uncertain if this is right for you, feel free to contact me directly: [email protected]

My promise to you as your life coach:

I will serve as your Coach – to partner with you to identify and achieve your personal and/or professional goals. 

As your Coach, I will help you create powerful results by helping you develop the courage and determination to forward the action in your life.

During the time we spend together in our coaching sessions, I will devote my time, thoughts, and energy to you, exclusively.  

As your Coach, I will help you focus on ‘right now’ and help you create your vision for your future. 

As your Coach, I will bring attentive listening, understanding, belief in you and commitment to your success. You can expect me to challenge you, offer fresh perspectives, acknowledge your wins, keep you accountable to yourself and guarantee utmost confidentiality. 

Let’s get to work! CONTACT ME HERE

Life Coach Tommy is a certified Life Coach through the Life Coach Training Institute and the International Association of Certified Coaches. He serves the Sherman Oaks and Los Angeles area, mainly, but has coached clients from all over the United States and the world.