Life – a more satisfying way to look at things, maybe…

Life is not great. Life does not suck. Life is neither challenging, nor easy. Life is not beautiful…nor ugly. Life is not glorious. Life is not boring. Life…just…is. A flowing forward moving current that we are blessed and condemned to constantly experience its present. The future is not here. The past is gone. The only thing guaranteed is this present moment. The future will never occur exactly how it is imagined. The past was neither as good nor as bad as it is remembered. The only thing reliable is this present moment – already fleeting. Appreciate it as much as you can.

As your life coach, it is my duty to help you appreciate the present. Only in the present NOW can we do our best work and empower ourselves.

Life Coach Tommy is a Certified Life Coach based out of Sherman Oaks, CA and serves Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. You can get back to the home page by clicking HERE

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