‘How do I lose weight?’ This is the most common question I receive as a Life Coach and it’s also one the highest things people search for online (especially at the top of the year right after January 1st….) It’s a popular question for many obvious reasons, but the most valuable reason is that it is so by far one of the most difficult goals to stick to while seemingly should be so easy…

The issue with this question though, and the main reason why many people start a weight loss program and quit after two weeks* is that they’re asking the wrong question. The stronger question my clients have felt success with is, ‘How do I change my lifestyle so that I look and feel great 100% of the time?!’

Ask yourself that question and write down all of the things that come to your mind. What are all of the behaviors and practices that continuously motivate you to derail your fitness efforts? Then ask yourself, ‘Why do I need to lose weight?’

With Life Coaching, we dig deep on this question and identify limiting beliefs that force you to take part in the most common attribute to weight gain – stress eating and social eating. Tackling these issues has helped my clients begin a foundation that leads to PERMANENT, SUSTAINABLE weight loss.

When my clients come to me with this goal, I explain the science, and how the science behind weight loss is extremely easy to learn and apply to their practical every day lives. We then dig deeper and uncover what has prevented them from applying that science to their daily lives and are able to uncover deep emotional barriers and limiting beliefs toward their connection with food and what they’ve been using food for. That’s where the real work begins!

I’m able to help my clients realize that they do have a choice in what they eat and that choice must be an active choice every single day in conjunction with exercise.

Once the wheels and gears are moving, we then create achievable action items to help keep them on course with this new diet and fitness plan. Milestones are noted, and I’m there with my client the entire way commending them on their progress and reminding them of there ‘Why’ anytime I sense they’re getting off track.

Here’s a secret tip, the SCIENCE of losing weight is super super duper easy…if you eat less calories than you burn, the science is proven, you WILL lose weight. But we have to make sure we’re tracking it and monitoring our daily habits to make sure we make the science work in our favor!

*each year at the gym, right after January 1st, the attendance I’ve seen doubles. Every year, though, I’ve seen that this increase in fitness attendance at the gym reverts back to what it was toward the end of the year right. This reversion starts happening right around January 15th….

Life Coach Tommy is a Certified Life Coach based out of Sherman Oaks, CA and serves Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. You can get back to the home page by clicking HERE

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